September 2, 2014

Other Units

REPROGRAPHIC UNIT – This Unit provides photocopying services to Library patrons at a normal rate of N20.00 per copy.

BINDERY UNIT – This Unit does the work of binding the damaged books, back volumes of periodicals and other documents of the Library.

ICT UNIT – The ICT Unit of the Library coordinates all Information Technology activities in the Library.  It oversees the administration of the Koha Library Management Software. It attends and provides solution to all networking, software and hardware issues and other technical challenges faced by the staff and students, manages the e-learning centre and also responsible for training of staff on all ICT new technology as it emerges.

The ICT unit manages Internet Access Service for the Library with provision for wireless and hotspot access which spans around the Library complex. The Internet and Local Area Network are fantastic with over 100 computers connected.  The Unit manages the Online Open Access Catalog (OPAC) which contains details of bibliographic materials in the Library and information about all Library patrons via the server.

This Unit also assists staff and students in search of information in the e-library.

The ICT Unit is manned by two competent members of staff.