September 2, 2014

Cataloguing Unit

The Unit classifies the print and non-print materials, inputting the records into the database of the Library.

Cataloguing and Classification covers the analysis and representation of methods used in describing, organizing and providing access to library resources,  so that  users can find out whether or not the information resources is relevant to them and available.

The essence of cataloguing and classification is to make resources easily accessible.

The Unit creates bibliographic records to library resources for easy identification and accessibility by inputting all processed materials into the database through Koha software package.


This section provides resources to the Library patrons for home reading in and outside the Library.  The resources are arranged on the shelves with the Library of Congress Classification Scheme.  The Readers’ Services Section is the image-maker of every Library.

The Section comprises of the following Units namely:

  1. Circulation Unit
  2. Reference Unit
  3. Serials Unit.