September 2, 2014

Acquisition Unit

The books demanded by different departments are purchased by the Acquisition Unit.

The functions of the Acquisition Unit are as follow:

  1. The development of library collections (except Serial and Audio-visuals) in consultation with the Polytechnic Librarian.
  2. The selection of books/monographic series appropriate to the Programmes of the Polytechnic for the Polytechnic Librarian’s consideration and approval.
  3. Maintaining strong contact and healthy rapport with schools and departments with a view to obtaining necessary cooperation in stock development and getting acquainted with new courses and Programmes.
  4. Receiving and collating requests for titles from both staff and students.
  5. Reviewing Publishers’ announcements and catalogues for selection purposes.
  6. Routing publishers’/book sellers’ catalogues to appropriate Academic staff.
  7. Conducting regular surveys of the stock to determine the adequacy or gaps in the various Programmes of the Polytechnic.
  8. Report on enquires from book sellers.
  9. Keeping accurate records of purchases and invoice sent for payment.
  10. Participating in the preparation of budget estimates as it relates to the Acquisition unit.
  11. The compilation of accurate statistics of books order, books processed.
  12. Processing of the acquired books before sending them to cataloguing Unit.
  13. Physical checking of bibliographic tools to ensure that the items selected for acquisition are not duplicated.
  14. Receiving of the acquired books in the Library from dealers and check them to ensure that they are the same as appeared on the order forms.
  15. Inviting the Internal Audit to come and inspect the books acquired.
  16. Processing of the acquired books by stamping, accessioning and entering details on the cataloguing worksheet and the computer system before transferring them to the cataloguing unit.