September 15, 2014

Library Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations are applicable to all categories of users and must be observed at all Lagos State Polytechnic Libraries.

  • All readers must enter and leave the Library through the main entrance.
  • Readers must produce their current Library tickets at the entry point for verification by the Porters before they can enter and use the Library.
  • Silence must be maintained at all times, in and around the Library.  Therefore all phones must be switched off before entering the Library.
  • Personal belongings such as bags, brief cases, folders, umbrellas, cameras, etc. must be deposited at the cloak behind the Porters desk at OWNERS RISK.
  • Readers must submit themselves to search at the exit point.
  • No Library material (book, pamphlet, and journal) must be folded, defaced, torn or damaged in anyway.  Readers are held responsible for damages of books in their possession and may be required to replace or pay for damaged materials.
  • Loss of Library materials in a readers care must be reported to the Library, the reader may be required to replace or pay for such lost materials.
  • Actions that can result in damage to Library buildings, equipment, furniture or materials are forbidden.
  • Smoking, eating, drinking and use of naked light including candles are strictly forbidden in the Library.
  • Sleeping or reservation of seats is not allowed in the Library.
  • Stealing Library materials is absolutely prohibited. Apprehended culprits would be expelled from the Polytechnic.
  • All borrowed materials should be returned as and at when due.
  • Fighting or use of derogatory or offensive language against other Library users or Library staff/officers is forbidden.
  • Staff and students who are leaving the Polytechnic finally, are required to clear themselves in the Library.

The Polytechnic Librarian is empowered to suspend or withdraw the Library privileges from users who contravene these rules and regulations, and may report offenders to the appropriate authority for appropriate sanction(s).