September 3, 2014

Library Eligibility

No person may make use of the Library until he has registered and has been issued with a Library ticket.  Admission to and use of the Library is restricted to registered users only.

The following people are eligible to be registered as readers in the Polytechnic Library; with the privileges of borrowing books and making use of reference materials.

  1. Members of Lagos State Polytechnic Governing Council
  2. Members of Academic Staff of the Polytechnic as well as eligible senior members of Administrative and Technical Staff.
  3. Full Time Registered Students of the Lagos State Polytechnic

The following may use the Library for reference only:

  1. Alumni of the Polytechnic and any other outsiders may be permitted to use the library on a temporary basis for purpose of study and reference only by the Polytechnic Librarian.
  2. Part-Time students of the Lagos State Polytechnic