September 10, 2014

Library Collections and Locations

Materials that can be found in the main library consist of textbooks, journals, magazines, newspapers, government documents, special collections, reference materials, past projects/dissertation, past questions, e-resources on all disciplines and inaugural lectures series.  All these are materials that have been acquired based on the Polytechnic curriculum.  General collections in the following disciplines with their subject reference materials are housed in the reading room at the ground floor:

  1. Engineering
  2. Environmental Sciences
  3. Social Sciences

Circulation Desk

While the following General Collections with their reference materials are also housed at the reading room at the first floor:

  1.  Agricultural Technology
  2. Mass Communication
  3. Hotel Management
  4. Leisure Management and Tourism
  5. Applied Sciences
  6. Technology

General encyclopedias are arranged on the low cubicle opposite the Circulation desk.

Reference Section at the Ground Floor

The reference materials such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, handbooks and manuals, yearbooks and directories, atlases and gazetteers, are arranged by type and within each type by call marks.

These books are marked “NOT FOR LOAN” on their inside covers since reference materials cannot be borrowed but can only be consulted in the library.

The Current Journals –  The current Journals in all disciplines are displayed on the display racks directly opposite the Circulation desk, with the backset of the journals displayed on the shelves at the extreme end of the serials unit against the wall.

The Past Question papers and Newspapers  – These are arranged on the low cubicle opposite the serials librarians desk.

Inaugural Lecture Series –  These are shelved at the serials section on the shelves at the extreme end of the unit, against the wall.

Reserved Collections –  These collections are placed behind the circulation desk.  It houses core titles that are in short supply but on high and constant demand by users.  This is to ensure that all readers have equal chance of reading them. Some expensive or rare books are also withdrawn from the open shelves and placed on reserve.  Books are sometimes placed on reserve at the request of lecturers for consultation by their students or at the discretion of the Polytechnic Librarian. Books here can be requested for by filling in the appropriate register, the author and title of the books, the borrowers name, signature, time out and time returned.