September 3, 2014


The Lagos State Polytechnic Library commenced operation at Isolo on March 3, 1978 in one of the classrooms at Management Block.

The library started with the acquisition of 882 titles in the areas of Technology, Mathematics and Management from the then British Council Library.

On May 21, 1986, two branch libraries at Surulere and Ikosi campuses began operations.

As a result of the Lagos State Polytechnic movement to a permanent campus at Ikorodu, the main library was therefore moved to Ikorodu campus.

Like all academic libraries, the Lagos State Polytechnic Library is the pivot on which all academic activities in the Polytechnic Institution are hinged and it is vital to the academic needs of users in many ways:

  • It enables you take maximum advantage of the available library resources and services.
  • Helps you to develop a life long learning skill for research and private works.
  • Helps you to develop reading skills not only for functional but for recreational purposes.

The Lagos State Polytechnic operates in three campuses viz:  Ikorodu, Isolo and Surulere and each of these campuses has its own library.  The main Library is located in the library complex at Ikorodu campus of the Polytechnic.

The main Library coordinates all the activities of the various unit, divisions and other branch libraries.

All the campuses provide seating accommodation for up to 3000 readers.

The total collection in the Polytechnic library at the three campuses is about 450,000 volumes including journals and other special collections.