September 10, 2014

Borrowing of Library Materials

Regular Loan – A full-time student is entitled to borrow two books for a period of two weeks. While a staff is entitled to borrow two books for a period of one month.

Short Loan (Reserve books) – Books can be recommended by lecturers to be placed on reserve.  These books can be borrowed on a short term loan.  Any Library user is eligible to borrow one reserve book for a period of two hours, renewable thereafter if no other reader has requested for the book.  Reserve books are to be read within the Library.

Week-end Loan – Books on reserve can be borrowed for the weekend.  Weekend loans starts from 5.00pm on Saturdays in each of the three Libraries. Reserve books borrowed for the weekend must be returned by 9.00am prompt on the following Monday. A fine of #20.00 per hour shall be charged for lateness in returning reserved books.


  1. Any library book or material loaned out may be recalled at anytime if need arises.  It must be returned promptly on the day requested.  Failure to comply with such a request is an infringement of Library rules and regulations and shall be dealt with accordingly.
  2. All books should be returned to the Library before going on vacation or recess.

Reference Materials – Periodicals, Journals and books stamped “Reference” are regarded as Reference materials and must be used strictly in the Library.

Renewals – Any Library book, when borrowed, may be renewed provided the book is not in demand or had not been put on reserve for another reader.  For renewal, the book has to be returned to the assistant at the circulation desk who will check and re-issue it.

Overdue Books – All borrowers must return materials as and at when due.  No borrower will be allowed to borrow any book if an overdue tag is already attached to his borrowers card and not until the overdue book is returned.  Borrowers, who persistently return materials late, will have their Library privileges withdrawn.