September 2, 2014



Like all academic Libraries, the Lagos State University of Science and Technology Library is the pivot on which all academic activities in the institution are hinged and it is vital to the academic needs of users in many ways; as it is responsible for providing information resources such as books, journals, magazines, government documents, special collections, reference materials, past projects/ dissertation, inaugural lecture series and electronic resources. All theses have been acquired in its support of teaching, learning and research mandates of staff and students of the institution.

Library is the place of knowledge, open for academicians and students. The Library has more than 40,000 volumes of books on variety of subjects. Utmost care is taken in developing resources for each department.

Our Library subscribes to more than 47 journal titles and many periodicals. It has a good collection of latest CDs on various fields.

The house keeping operations of the Library is fully automated, with Koha Library Automation Software.