How can I locate a book/information in the Library?

In each of the reading room, books are arranged on the shelves according to their subject classification, each subject being represented by one or two letters of the alphabet in accordance with the library of congress (LC) Classification Scheme with some numbers e.g. S – Agriculture, TP – Chemical Engineering.  See the synopsis of the classification scheme below:

Library of Congress Classification Scheme

AZ       –           History of Scholarship and Learning

B         –           Philosophy, Psychology

CT       –           Biography

D         –           History

DA      –           History of Great Britain

DK      –           History of Russia

DT       –           History of Africa

E          –           American History

G         –           Geography

GB      –           Physical Geography

GE       –           Environmental Science

GF       –           Human Ecology, Anthropology

GT       –           Manners and Customs

GV      –           recreation, Leisure

H         –           Social Science

HA      –           Statistics

HB      –           Economics

HC      –           Economic Geography

HD      –           Management

HE       –           Urban Planning, Public Transport

PN       –           Literature

PR       –           English Literature

PS        –           American Literature

Q         –           General Science

QA      –           Mathematics

QB      –           Astronomy

QC      –           Physics

QD      –           Chemistry

QE       –           Geology

QH      –           Biology

QK      –           Botany

RA      –           Biochemistry

RC       –           Communicable diseases

RD      –           Speech Disorder

RG      –           Contraception

RJ        –           Pediatrics

RM      –           Pharmacology

S          –           Agricultural Science

SB       –           Horticulture

SD       –           Forestry

SF        –           Livestock

SH       –           Aquaculture, Fisheries, Hunting, Sport

T          –           Technology

TA       –           Civil

HF       –           Accountancy, Advertising

HG      –           Banking and Finance

HJ        –           Taxation

HM      –           Sociology

HQ      –           The Family, Marriage, Women

HT       –           Urban Planning Policy

HV      –           Socio Pathology, Criminology

J           –           Political Science

K         –           Law

LB       –           Theory and Practice of Education

LC       –           Educational Psychology

M         –           Music

N         –           Fine Art

NA      –           Architecture/Landscape

NB      –           Sculpture

NC      –           Graphical Design

ND      –           Printing

NK      –           Textile and Design

NX      –           Culture

P          –           Planning

PA       –           Philology, Greek Language, Latin Language

PC       –           Roman

PE       –           English

PL       –           Language of Asia, Africa

TC       –           Mechanics

TD       –           Chemistry for Environmental Science

TE       –           Traffic Engineering

TF        –           Power System Engineering

TH       –           Quantity Surveying, Building Technology

TJ        –           Mechanical Engineering and Machinery

TK       –           Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Nuclear Engineering

TL       –           Motor Vehicle, Aeronautics, Astronautics

TN       –           Mining Engineering, Metallurgy

TP        –           Chemical Engineering

TR       –           Photography

TS        –           Manufacturing Technology

TT        –           Woodwork Decorative

Z          –           Librarianship


In each of the reading room, books are arranged on the shelves according to their subject classification, each subject being represented by one or two letters of the alphabet in accordance with the library of congress (LC) Classification Scheme with some numbers e.g. S – Agriculture, TP – Chemical Engineering.  See the synopsis of the classification scheme below:

Outline of the Library of Congress classification scheme:

Library of Congress Classification Scheme

AZ                  History of Scholarship and Learning

B                    Philosophy, Psychology

CT                  Biography

D                    History

DA                 History of Great Britain

DK                 History of Russia

DT                  History of Africa

E                     American History

G                    Geography

GB                 Physical Geography

GE                  Environmental Science

GF                  Human Ecology, Anthropology

GT                  Manners and Customs

GV                 recreation, Leisure

H                    Social Science

HA                 Statistics

HB                 Economics

HC                 Economic Geography

HD                 Management

HE                  Urban Planning, Public Transport

PN                  Literature

PR                  English Literature

PS                   American Literature

Q                    General Science

QA                 Mathematics

QB                 Astronomy

QC                 Physics

QD                 Chemistry

QE                  Geology

QH                 Biology

QK                 Botany

RA                 Biochemistry

RC                  Communicable diseases

RD                 Speech Disorder

RG                 Contraception

RJ                   Pediatrics

RM                 Pharmacology

S                     Agricultural Science

SB                  Horticulture

SD                  Forestry

SF                   Livestock

SH                  Aquaculture, Fisheries, Hunting, Sport

T                     Technology

TA                  Civil

HF                  Accountancy, Advertising

HG                 Banking and Finance

HJ                   Taxation

HM                 Sociology

HQ                 The Family, Marriage, Women

HT                  Urban Planning Policy

HV                 Socio Pathology, Criminology

J                      Political Science

K                    Law

LB                  Theory and Practice of Education

LC                  Educational Psychology

M                    Music

N                    Fine Art

NA                 Architecture/Landscape

NB                 Sculpture

NC                 Graphical Design

ND                 Printing

NK                 Textile and Design

NX                 Culture

P                     Planning

PA                  Philology, Greek Language, Latin Language

PC                  Roman

PE                  English

PL                  Language of Asia, Africa

TC                  Mechanics

TD                  Chemistry for Environmental Science

TE                  Traffic Engineering

TF                   Power System Engineering

TH                  Quantity Surveying, Building Technology

TJ                   Mechanical Engineering and Machinery

TK                  Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Nuclear Engineering

TL                  Motor Vehicle, Aeronautics, Astronautics

TN                  Mining Engineering, Metallurgy

TP                   Chemical Engineering

TR                  Photography

TS                   Manufacturing Technology

TT                   Woodwork Decorative

Z                     Librarianship